I was unpleasantly surprised to read Charles Krauthammer stating in the National Review:

I’m not against a global pact to reduce CO2 emissions.

Indeed, I favor it.

Did I read that right?

I had naively assumed that Charles Krauthammer — so thoughtful on so many issues — would at least be sceptical about anthropogenic global warming/climate change.

Or better still, that he would have studied the matter and found that it has not been established that human released CO2 is driving climate change, let alone dangerous global warming.

Do your homework Charles.

He does state that “Global temperatures have been flat for 16 years”. Right.

And he is correct in adding that this fact alone “doesn’t mean there is no  global warming”. True.

Then why does he “favor” a “global pact” to reduce CO2 — if only it could be done?

This is the sort of tangled nonsense only the most “sophisticated” experts of the Establishment Right in America (and Australia) are capable of tying themselves up in.

With friends like these …

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