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CIA video confirms Syrian nuclear weapon facility destroyed by Israel

Damn good work lads!

The Washington Post reports:

The Bush administration charged Thursday that a secret Syrian nuclear reactor was within weeks or months of completion before Israel bombed it on Sept. 6 and demanded that North Korea and Syria publicly acknowledge their collusion on a facility that could have produced plutonium for a nuclear weapon.

“It was nearing operational capability,” a senior intelligence official told reporters yesterday at one of a series of briefings on the reactor organized by the administration.

… After the Israeli airstrike, Syria used a controlled demolition explosion on Oct. 10 to destroy the rest of the facility, which exposed reactor equipment that Syria had tried to hide, the U.S. officials said.

Click here to view the CIA video released on April 25 2008 detailing Syria’s covert nuclear reactor and the North Korean involvement in its construction. The reactor was destroyed by the Israelis before it could become operational in September 2007.

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  1. writeups

    It’s nice to see some action being taken on the problem lol. Israel has balls – and uses them. Unlike the appeasing West.

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    Israel has very little room for error.

    Bad policies – those that reduce its ability to defend itself or embolden those who seek to destroy her – can become deadly very quickly.

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