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Creeping Shariah?

Abu Qatada and Rowan Williams: Sharia creeps?

A commenter on the Andrew Bolt blog, using the nickname Mole of Kambalda shared the following firsthand accounts from within Australian refugee detention centers:

Oh heres a few first hand accounts from the Immigration detention system here in Oz.

On 9/11 large sections of the detainees (supposedly ESCAPING persecution) openly celebrated in the compound. Probably somewhere around 300 out of the 900 detainees we had at the time. Pretty well every one of these people are now living here in Australia. (I may point out I dont recall any of the Afghanis joining in, as at that time they were still under the taliban).

Another example?

We conducted a search one evening and as part of that checked some religous instruction videos as one of our officers believed she had seen offensive material being broadcast.

Stonings, hangings, amputations and wall toppling were in some of these “instruction” videos. Not “passion of the Christ” holywood stuff but real executions and punishments. That was in a mosque inside a detention centre.

One of the most effective ways used by thugs to get their way inside the centre was to accuse anyone who didnt follow them of being “bad Muslims”. This pretty well legitimised any assault or attack on them.

Kitchen work was refused to certain religous groups because they would be assaulted or threatened if they were considered “unclean”.

The centre management had to negotiate each year to prevent any excesses during ashura (?) the religous festival which usualy results in some self mortification.

No meals could be prepared or cooked from ANY non-halal meats, even for groups which didnt follow islam, as the kitchen would become “unclean”. (The same creeping shariah is also working its way through the prison system)

In the Curtin facility a blind non muslim was assaulted, smaeared with excrement and locked in a toilet block during the heat of the afternoon.

Women inside the centre would all eventualy end up wearing head coverings, long sleeves etc, regaurdless of their dress when they came in.

These are a few of the things I have seen, and from people supposedly fleeing this sort of oppression.

Finaly a happy story.

We had a couple of families being released when the ladies came out (previously dressed in chadors) dressed up to the nines in jeans and sleeveless tops. The 2 husbands chucked a fit, especialy when it was seen that one of the ladies had also cut her hair. This lady waited till her hubby had shouted himself hoarse and then looked at him and said “You cant order me around, Im an Australian woman now”

He nearly collapsed.

The final “happy story” brings to mind Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of The Caged Virgin: An Emancipation Proclamation for Women and Islam.

As the sometimes good and sometimes truly awful Janet Albechstren writes:

… Hirsi Ali makes the obvious point that educating Muslim women is the best way to forge a modern Islam: allowing them to choose their own husbands, achieve at school, university and in the workplace, and, crucially, raise the next generation of Muslims to embrace modernity

And speaking of modernity (hat tip Doug Ross @ Journal) …

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