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Danny Nalliah versus the dumb, the lazy, and the bigoted

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between dumbness,intellectual sloppiness,and just plain bigotry. Here are some examples where one or all (can you separate them?) of these “methods” are applied in aseamless stream of smearing.

Their target is a man I admire greatly: Evangelical Christian Pastor, Danny Nalliah.

Writing for The Australian, Patricia Karvelasrefers to

The leader of a Christian group [Danny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministry] that advocates the destruction of mosques, casinos and bottle shops has …

What would a reasonable person make of this characterization?

That Catch The Fire is calling for the physical destruction of mosques, casinos, and bottle shops, right? That it advocates some sort of physicallyviolent action, right?

Yet, neither Catch The Fire nor Danny Nalliah have, to my knowledge, ever advocated any such a thing.

At my request, Catch The Fire sent me the leaflet from which the abovemisrepresentation seems to have been contrived.

Here is the relevant section, which appears under the heading “Prayer Strategy”:

… Ask the Lord to give you insight. Spot Satan’s strongholds in the area you living in (brothels, gambling places, bottle shops, mosques, temples – Freemason/ Buddhist /Hindu etc. witchcraft)

… If you are ready to pray against it, do so. If not bring it to your church and ask your intercessors through the pastor to pull these strongholds down.

Let me repeat: This is a “Prayer Strategy” nota violentanti-globalization rally, not a violentunion picket, notsome violent form of Greenpeace “direct action”.

Perpetuating the distortions of Patricia Karvelas, Australian libertarian Muslim blog, Austrolabe, links toher article and claims:

Nalliah has previously been alleged to have expressed the desire for God to burn down mosques.

On the one hand Austrolabe recognizes thatCatch The Fire is invoking “God” – presumably through some alleged power of prayer – rather than inciting physical violence. But it mutates “destruction” into “burn down”. I don’t know where Austrolabe gets this.

I admit that “burn down” is a more colorful term than “destruction”, and perhaps it’s more aesthetically consistent to use it when talking abouta group called “Catch the Fire“. I also think the expression “burn down mosques” works well. We all know about Muslim militants who burn down Churches. Well, look! Christian radicals are morally no better!

In the same article, Austrolabe is also understandably, in my view, critical of Danny Nalliah addressing the Holocaust-denying League of rights some time ago. (However, for a fuller understanding of this issue, listen to my interview with Danny Nalliah concerning this matter and read these notes.)

Austrolabe writes:

Still blissfully unaware of the wider community’s perception of him, Nalliah has met with the League of Rights, a fringe group who deny the Holocaust and peddle the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is not the first time Nalliah has shared a platform with the league.

I am not aware ofDanny Nalliah addressing the League of Rights more than once.

It’s possible he has indeed done so. And he has publicly stated that he would be happy to address the League of Rights again, if they invited him to do so.

However, to my knowledge, I know of only one such happening. Where is Austrolabe’s evidence to the contrary?

Austrolabe also has a few things to say about Danny Nalliah having been tried by VCAT, on the basis of acomplaint lodged by the Islamic Council of Victoria,for allegedly breaching Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

… Nalliah was taken to VCAT by the Islamic Council of Victoria for inciting religious hatred.

That is correct.

The ICV action was a failure both legally and in the wider court of public opinion.

Also correct.

Oh, and what a “failure” it was!

Theallegations made by theICV (IslamicCouncil of Victoria) against Daniel Nalliah, Daniel Scot, and Catch The Fire Ministryand the original “guilty” verdict brought down by Judge Higgins ofVCAT, were utterly shredded by the Supreme Court of Victoria, Court of Appeals.

Here are some excerpts from the Court of Appeals, to give the reader merely the extent to which the accusations of the ICV and their support by VCAT were utterly decimated by the Court of Appeals.

By the way, you’ll note that none of the following actually refer to Danny Nalliah. They refer to Pastor Daniel Scot who was the one who in fact conducted the seminar discussing Islam. I don’t think Danny Nalliah was even present at this seminar.

38 Pastor Scot did not say at T4 that that the Qur’an promotes violence and killing. He said that: …

39 Equally Pastor Scot did not say at T24 that “looting, killing and destroying people – good for Muslim people”. What he said was that: …

40 Pastor Scot did not say at T4-5 that “Muslim scholars misrepresent what the Qur’an says by varying the emphasis, depending upon the audience”. What he said was that: ….

41 At T6 Pastor Scot did say that “… in Islamic teaching, according to the Holy Qur’an there is not much value of woman”. But he followed that immediately with the observation that: …

42 Pastor Scot did not say at T10 that that Allah is not merciful. What he said was that: …

43 Pastor Scot did not say at T10-11 that “Muslims lie for the sake of Islam and that it is ‘all right’, they have to hide the truth”. What he said was that …

44 Pastor Scot did not say at T13-14 that Muslims are demons. What he said was that: …

45 Pastor Scot did not say at T14-17 that the practice of abrogation was the cancellation of words from the Qur’an and Hadiths solely to fit some particular purpose or personal need. What he said was that …

46 Pastor Scot did speak of the concept of Silent Six Jihad, some of which are use of business connections – T16; using money to induce people to convert to Islam – T17; and training of Muslims in Madrassahs [sic]. He did not, however, imply that they were a threat to Australia. What he said was that: …

47 Pastor Scot did say at T19 that:

“So when people read that [the Hadith], they study that for six year, seven year, they become true Muslim. And we call them terrorist, but actually they are true Muslim because they have read the Qur’an, they have understood it, and now they are practising it.”

But he did not say that that is the connection between Islam and terrorism. ….

48 Nor did Pastor Scot say at T23 that Muslims intend to take over Australia and declare it an Islamic nation. What he said was that: …

49 Pastor Scot did say at T32 that Mohammed trained the entire nation and he literally took part in the Holy War; showed Muslims how pleasant it is and if you are killed in the Holy War you can be brought back to life because dying as a martyr is such a wonderful thing; and Allah will remit the sins of martyrs and bring them into paradise. But Pastor Scot did not at that stage make any reference to suicide bombings. He referred instead …

I think you get the gist of it.

It allowed Nalliah to portray himself as the victim of a secretive religion which was furiously trying to avoid scrutiny as it infiltrated the nation.

I’m not aware of Danny Nalliah ever playing such a game.

Money, sympathy and support flooded into Catch the Fire Ministries and Nalliah became a celebrity in the Evangelical community.

He also became a hero amongst atheistsand pro free speech activists such as me.Despite his Evangelical Christian views, I consider Danny Nalliah to be a great Australian.

The case was finally settled earlier this year, with a points victory to Nalliah.

A “points victory”? Hardly. It was atriple knock-out.

Onefor the ICV. One one for VCAT’s Judge Higgins. And one big fat one for Victoria’s Blasphemy Laws.


Here is the text of the flyer referred to above.

Front panel of flyer with title:

Rise Up Australia!
Apostolic 2002 Conference & Crusade
Salvation, Healing Deliverance Ministry

“Prayer Strategy” innerpanel (bold emphasis added)

Prayer Strategy

  1. Get repentance list from Rise Up Australia
  2. Repent for sins in your life first and then for sins in the church and nation.
  3. Photocopy your street map (your house and its surroundings)
  4. Take a walk down your streets and pray for the salvation of your community and ask the Lord to forgive sins.
  5. Ask the Lord to give you insight. Spot Satan’s strongholds in the area you living in (brothels, gambling places, bottle shops, mosques, temples – Freemason/ Buddhist /Hindu etc. witchcraft)
  6. Make a circle on your map, pointing out the place.
  7. If you are ready to pray against it, do so. If not bring it to your church and ask your intercessors through the pastor to pull these strongholds down.


  1. Pray for the church of Australia, that true worship persistent prayer and genuine repentance be restored.
  2. Pray for the spread of Rise Up Australia to the whole nation.
  3. Pray for Pastor Danny, his family and the team (as they lead this prayer campaign).
  4. Pray for the locations of Rise Up Australia.
  5. Pray for the Prime Minister, Hon. John Howard and the parliament.
  6. Pray for real love amongst pastors. For genuine unity and not compromise.
  7. Pray for a release of finances to start up Rise Up Australia in other cities.
  8. Pray and bind the spirits of control, religious spirits and territorial spirits, rising up through the church in every city.
  9. Pray for Godly leaders to rise up in parliament (that Christian politicians would rise up).
  10. Pray that denominational barriers would fall and the church would unite.


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  1. Fabi

    You are narrow minded and intolerant. Whether mosques are pulled down by prayer or by the actions of any misguided followers is inconsequential, ultimately these words call people to greater intolerance and are the foundation for racism, prejudices and even violence and damage to property. What does Paster Nalliah think, that God himself will destroy the sancified places of worship of some of the more religiously devout people in this country?? You are fools, and your calls to action are more ill-judged than those of any religion. One might have said that Christianity is a religion of love and peace – you make it out as a religion of hate and intolerance. Congratulations for damaging our reputation as a religion with your evils of hatred and intolerance.

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    Good morning Fabi.

    For further clarification on this, I refer you to my article, Danny Nalliah ‘Satan

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