For Tuesday, November 22 @ Discover Capitalism™ we will be studying Ayn Rand’s ideas on VOLITION & on ETHICS.


Ayn Rand had a unique approach to the question of human volition/free will – it’s nature and function. That approach was at the heart of her view of ethics.


Ayn Rand’s philosophy maintains that ethics can be “objective”. That it can be clarified without reference to God, religion, or tradition. That no act of faith is required in order establish the basic premises of a proper ethical system. That ethics is neither subjective or intrinsic.

As our study material I will primarily rely on Dr Allan Gotthelf’s neat little book (only 100 pages long) called “On Ayn Rand” – published by the Wadsworth Philosophers Series.

You can hear Dr Gotthelf discuss his book online at PRODOS.COM

“On Ayn Rand” caused considerable controversy when it was first published.

The founder of the Ayn Rand Institute, Leonard Peikoff, publicly condemned it on several levels.

However, I maintain that it is a wonderful little book. Clear, eloquently expressed, and a reliable summary of Ayn Rand’s views on most major philosophical issues.

Details …

VENUE: Upstairs, Salona Greek Restaurant,
Swan Street, Richmond.

TIME: Formal meeting starts at 7.30 PM and
concludes at 9.30 PM.

DINNER: Greek food and all sorts of refreshments
are available all evening. Barboo/Sydney and I will
be there from about 6.30 PM setting up the room
and enjoying a meal. Join us if you feel like it!

COST: Your donation is very greatly appreciated.

I look forward to your outstanding company and intelligent discourse!

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