Tonight we’ll be studying the Bracks government’s
proposed Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

[copied from the CapitaList Melbourne bulletin]

This is the same government who brought us the
“Racial & Religious Tolerance Act”. You know, the
one that convicted two Christian Ministers who
dared to quote from the Koran AND find it

This is also the same government who is proceeding
unimpeded, unopposed, unchallenged by the
Liberal Party of Victoria, under the leadership of Robert Doyle.

Which is one of the reasons that I’ve set up
“Liberals For Free Speech”.

Your good company and intelligent perspective
would be greatly welcomed at tonight’s meeting.

VENUE: Upstairs, Salona Greek Restaurant,
Swan Sreet, Richmond.

Time: Formal meeting will start at 7.30 PM and
conclude at 9.30 PM.

Dinner & Drinks: My wife and I will be there from
about 6.30 to set up the room and have some dinner.
So, if you feel like coming early and joining us,
that would be nice. Otherwise food and drinks
are available throughout the night – including
during the meeting.

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