Tomorrow’s discussion topics @ DISCOVER CAPITALISM (Melbourne, Australia) …

  1. An American in Iraq.

    For this segment we will draw on two (1 | 2)recent dispatches from embedded (in Iraq) journalist, Michael Yon.What I found fascinating about these two dispatches
    is what they reveal (in part, without even realising
    it) about the way Americans think. And how they shed light on how and why the United States has truly earned
    its Superpower status.

    That America’s economic and military supremacy is no accident. That it flows naturally from the way Americans think.

    The first dispatch reports on a meeting between
    American commanders and Iraq civilian and military leaders.

    The second dispatch details the decision making involved
    in bombing a house in which a terrorist was hiding.

  2. Responses to The Great Global Warming Swindle.

    We’ll have a look at how Martin Durkin, the producer
    of TGGWS has responded to his critics, as well as
    how they’ve responded to his documentary and to
    Global Warming denialists.

Venue: Royal Oak Hotel
Corner of Bridge Road and Church Street, Richmond.

Food & Drinks available throughout the night.

Barboo/Sydney and I will be there from about 6.30 PM.
Join us before the formal meeting begins! …

… which will be at 7.30 PM sharp. And we finish at 9.30 PM sharp.

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