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Discover Capitalism: Steven Shamrak talk on UNDERSTANDING ZIONISM

Notice for tonight’s DISCOVER CAPITALISM meeting in Melbourne, Australia, with guest speaker, Steven Shamrak

Speaker: Steven Shamrak

Some of the issues we’ll explore include …

  • Common misconceptions about Zionism?
  • Typical misrepresentations of Zionism?
  • Is Zionism a political or a religious movement? Or both?
  • What is the relationship between Zionism and Judaism?
  • Do they necessarily go together?
  • Does Zionism advocate the use of force? Terrorism? Military action?
  • Who can be a Zionist? Do you have to be a Jew?
  • What is the attitude of Zionists towards non-Jews?
    Towards Christians? Other religions? Atheists?
  • Is Zionism a predominantly Socialistic idea?
  • Is Zionism compatible with Capitalism? Free Trade? Freedom of Speech?Freedom of religion?
  • Who are the heroes of Zionism?
  • Is Israel a Zionist state?
  • Connections between anti-Zionism, anti-Israelism, and anti-Semitism?
  • Why have the Jews been persecuted over the Ages?
  • Is Islam opposed to Zionism on principle? Is Islam hostile to the Jews on principle?
  • Are the different strands of Zionism? If so, what are they? How do they differ? Why do they differ?
  • What about anti-Zionist Jews?
  • Is Zionism racist?
  • Zionism, Israel, Palestine, and the Palestinian Authority?

Steven Shamrak runs a weekly newsletter covering Israeli and Jewish issues with 15,000 subscribers.

His website @ and newsletter aim to …

build support among both the Jewish and non-Jewish community, regardless of their political and belief affiliation, in order to help them become active defenders and propagators of the Jewish National Goal – Eretz-Israel – the Land of Israel.

He writes that …

Israel is the front-line of defence in the global war between Wahabism, the philosophy of Islamicexpansionism, and the world of Infidels! The war is energised by continually fostering hatred toward Israel and the Western countries by Muslim radical leadership. This is a war between civilisations! This is not just a Jewish problem.

As a strong supporter of Israel, I couldn’t agree more!

Consider …


  • There are 21 Arab countries in the Middle East and
    only one Jewish state: Israel, which is also the
    only democracy in the region.
  • Israel is the only country in the region that
    permits citizens of all faiths to worship freely and openly.
    Twenty percent of Israeli citizens are not Jewish.
  • While Jews are not permitted to live in many Arab countries,
    Arabs are granted full citizenship and have the right to
    vote in Israel.
  • Arabs are also free to become members of the Israeli parliament (the Knesset). In fact, several Arabs have been democratically
    elected to the Knesset and have been serving there for years.
  • Arabs living in Israel have more rights and are freer
    than most Arabs living in Arab countries.

Consider …


  • [Israel is the] only democracy in the Middle East.
    Vibrant and prosperous, with robust economic growth
    over the last five years, the highest number of books
    published per capita in the world, and second place
    in the world in the publication of articles in scientific journals
  • Small and democratic Israel is alone in gigantic
    “Neighborhood of Evil”, the world’s highest concentration of vicious & terror-supporting regimes.
  • Half of the world’s major terror groups have anti-Israeli
  • Most of the Arab world and Iran do not recognize Israel’s right to exist

And now have a look at the size of Israel …

… compared to Australia:

… compared to the Arab world:

(Click to enlarge)

I have always said:

“Tell me what a person thinks about America and Israel
and I’ll tell you what they really think about freedom.”

Come along and hear what Steven Shamrak has to say about a vital issue that affects us all.

The word “Israel” comes from the Hebrew “yisra’el” which means “he that striveth with God” or “God has striven, God has saved”

The story of Zionism and Israel is not just a story about the Jews.

It’s a story about mankind’s relentless search for liberty and justice.

A world in which Israel is safe is a safe world for all.

Join us!

VENUE: Baden Powell Hotel,
61 Victoria Parade, Collingwood
Melways: Map 2G, Coordinate: E1

TIME: Formal meeting commences 7.30 PM sharp
and concludes at 9.30 PM sharp.

DINNER: Available throughout the evening.
I suggest you get there early. Barboo and
I will be there around 6.30 PM. Do join us
if you can!

COST: A donation is greatly appreciated.

[Please do forward this notice to anyone you think might appreciate receiving it.]

I look forward to your active intelligence,
and charming company!


At Your Service,


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  1. The right to freely assemble with like minded people is to held in the same regard as all other inalienable rights. When a nation is formed from those who seek to maintain cultural or religious bonds as a precept, then why shouldn’t that state be recognized. While acknowledging the validity of some historical arguments on how and why the state was formed, what we have is the here and now, and what I see is a society that is open and respectful of human rights and thriving without the abundance of petroleum that its neighbors have. Israel is a stable partner and with a few moderate Muslim states on board that encourage the growth of a Middle Class, we could once again see a symbiotic relationship between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Secularists in a region that will eventually not tolerate radicals of any ilk. Logic will prevail but it will take time and resolve and a little “tit for tat.”

    Tommy Typical

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  2. I remain steadfast that Logic is the pathway to Truth.

    Your inferences were not my implications at all.

    I believe only in political systems that allow free thinking individuals to operate in free markets.

    I am sorry I didn’t hear you speak but I am interested in how this ends without loss of life on all sides.

    Blessings to you.


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