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A filmed talk in which

Bill Whittle

Narrates all seven “video essays” of

Firewall: What We Believe

Topics: Small Government & Private Enterprise; Elitism; Wealth Creation;
Natural Law; Immigration; Gun Rights; American Exceptionalism

Date: Monday May 16, 2011

VenueHome of Prodos & Barboo, 153 Lennox Street, Richmond.

6.15 – 7.15 PM: Doors Open at 6.15 PM. Meals served until 7.15 PM.

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7.30 PM: Commencement of Films + Chaired discussion.

Who: Only registered PRODOS Film Study Group members and guests of members allowed. You can apply to join on the night. To join you need to agree with our purpose and pay the $5 annual fee.

Policy: Leaving straight after a film and therefore skipping the discussion goes against one of the conditions upon which our permission to screen these films is based.

9.45 PM: End of meeting.

Cost: No charge. But if you’d like to make a personal donation to Prodos that’s greatly appreciated. Thanks.

... a "special relationship" between Britain and America


Wealth Creation. From This ...


Wealth Creation: ... To this.

An excerpt from one of Bill Whittle’s “Firewall” video essays:

Okay, why do we like small government? Well, the first and most important thing you need to know about us is that we don’t believe human nature can fundamentally change. You may not hear this a lot, but when you get down to it, it’s really the basis for conservatism in general.

We don’t think people are perfectible, if only they could make the right laws and rules.

We believe that human beings – like every other creature on the earth – are motivated primarily by their own self-interests. Many modern people see this belief that we have – that human nature is fundamentally flawed and selfish and essentially unchangeable – as cynical, and pessimistic.

On the contrary!

It is this belief that generates a society with checks and balances against the natural human bastardliness that basically wants to tell other people what to do. These checks and balances prevent the accumulation of too much power in the hands of too few people, and that defiance of these checks and balances by the current political class – of both parties – is the real threat that the Tea Party movement is a response to.

Because all you have to do is open a history book with just the most basic sense of fairness, and you will discover time and time and time again that the very same ideas being tried by Big Government today – ideas which we call “progressive”– have been tried in one form or another all the way back through recorded history … and they have always failed, because they are based on what people hope and wish that human nature is, instead of what it really is.

Bill Whittle on "the idea" of America.


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