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Further development of FUDForum message board script

This week I’ve been putting in a lot of time testing and getting familiar with altering the FUDForum message board script that will be installed for several discussion projects including:

  • “The 1776”
  • PRODOS Thinking Club
  • Valuable Skills project
  • Celebrate Self

This has gone so well that I won’t be using phpBB or Invision Power Board as originally planned. Please note: phpBB, Invision, and vBulletin are excellent scripts. It just so happens that FUDForum – a rather unglamorous looking message board script in comparison – functions perfectly for what I have in mind and what I need.

I have one more area of testing to complete and then I’ll be ready to proceed with setting up the message boards.

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  1. Found a bug in the latest version of FUDForum. The developer has issued a fix for it. But this means a couple of days delay on setting up message boards.

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