In the latest issue of Australian online free market journal, BrookesNews, Gerard Jackson reveals that Victorian Liberal Party “power broker” (whatever that means) Michael Kroger, is working on using the Liberal Party‘s recent election defeat as a way of purging the Victoria section of the Party of those who don’t support his agenda for more power-for-the-sake-of-power.

About Michael Kroger, Gerard Jackson asks:

How is it that a man who holds no official position in the party can dictate to its members who they can elect?

Good question. Especially since the Kroger/Costello faction have been controlling the Victorian Liberal Party for some years now.

IF … Michael Kroger really IS a “power broker” … AND … it’s his people who have been pulling the strings and running things … AND … the Party has been getting thrashed … THEN … shouldn’t the “power broker” and his people cop some of the flack for this? This doesn’t sound like a difficult line of reasoning to me.

But even more troubling for fans (such as me) of Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt is Jackson’s questioning of why Bolt seems to be so soft on Michael Kroger.

Gerard Jackson writes:

Considering the deliberate damage that Kroger has done to the Liberal Party it is indeed strange that Bolt should ignore his activities. This has led some Liberals to conclude that Bolt is now in Kroger’s pocket. How can they be blamed for this conclusion when Bolt turns a blind eye to Kroger’s destructive scheming.

Read the article at – which includes a bit about my run for Preselection earlier this year. CLICK HERE

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