Next Tuesday, the 8th of November, one of the nations
most prolific and hard-hitting economics writers,
will be our guest @ the Free Market Roundtable.

Gerry has recently published a collection of essays
analysing Australia’s Industrial Relations policies and
Labor Market reform – often harshly critical of
the Liberal Party’s approach.

You can read “Labor Market Wars” online @

I’ll have more details later in the week, but wanted
to alert you early so that you could PLAN ahead.
To make sure you do NOT miss this event.

I’ve known Gerry Jackson for many years. While
we don’t always agree on all issues, there are
two things about him that I personally GUARANTEE:

1. The depth and breadth of his knowledge and
understanding of economic history is probably
unmatched in Australia.

2. His tireless dedication and 100% commitment
to free market principles.

3. Independent thinking.

That’s 3 things, isn’t it? 🙂

Please write in your diary:

“Important!! Tue 08 November =>> Gerry Jackson!!”

The venue will be Salona Greek Restaurant.
The discussion will commence at 7.30 PM and
conclude at 9.30 PM. Food and drinks will be
available for purchase throughout the evening.
A donation will be appreciated at the end of the night.

More information later in the week.

PS: If you’d like to hear a demo of my latest song
promoting Capitalism >>

PPS: Good luck on the horses tomorrow! 🙂
[Note: Reference to the Melbourne Cup]

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