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This year I’m in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for Capitalism Day™. We’ve got a fun day of festivities and promotions planned under the leadership of Sydney Kendall. The Capitalism Award™ Cincinnati 2007 will be presented to local activist, Everett DeJager, for his lifelong dedication to fighting against governmentexcess and putting forward the case for the proper role of government.I’ll be giving a brief talk on the

unique approach used by Celebrate Capitalism™ to promote free markets andcreative thinking.

In Melbourne, MP is the CPL (Creative Project Leader). Guest Speaker will be Gerard Jackson. The Capitalism Award™ Melbourne 2007 will be presented to Tim Warner for his work exposing and opposing the Access Card.

Thanks to all the CPL’s around the world who have been sending me updates on their festive events. I’ll reply to you after Sunday is over. Your dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated!

Background: I created the first, informal Capitalism Day™ in 1984. By 1999 it had crystalized to include the world’s first ever Ayn Rand Film Festival held here in Melbourne, Australia, where I screened We The Living, The Fountainhead, and Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life.

By 2001 Capitalism Day™ was formalised as a worldwide campaign (including Walk FOR Capitalism™) which has been growing steadily year by year, with wonderful, positive Project Leaders working to promote free thinking and free markets across the globe.

The Celebrate Capitalism™ campaign has now helped to organise Capitalism Day™ events in over 40 countries, in more than 250 cities.

Listen to “We Invite the World” – a song about the campaign’s official flag HERE

Listen to “Poetry and Gold” – a song about Capitalism Day™ which I wrote and dedicated to “Andrew Bernstein and the American Cheerleader” HERE

Listen also to these songs which I’ve written about Capitalism and Capitalism Day™:

(I feel so) Capitalissimo!


Billionaire Cha-Cha

Act of War

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