A beautiful and intriguing 2 minute animation ad by Honda.

The AdsGarage writes:

For its 65th anniversary, Honda released this fabulous commercial showcasing all there achievement from the 24th of September 1948 till today.

A bolt reaching the hands of that Honda engineer (I guess) is transformed from motorcycles to cars, to people movers, supercars, boats and even four-wheel farm bikes and jets.

It is a very clever way of showing, in a 1:56 minutes video, all the industries that those Honda engineers were able to tackle so far.

The ad is done by Wieden + Kennedy London the company responsible for the 2003 Honda “Cog” commercial that has been named the best car commercials of all time by AutoExpress. This all-new spot called Hands is even more entertaining and might aswell dethrone the old one. The two commercials are linked below. Enjoy!

If you want to see some more magnificent advertisements — cinematic and commercial masterpieces — created by Wieden + Kennedy CLICK HERE.

Try the “Best Job” video made for Proctor & Gamble for starters.

Actually, here it is:


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