On October 03 2006, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of John Pasquarelli‘s “On the Road Again” exhibition, presenting his latest paintings from his travels about Australia.

Here are some photos from that event.

The man himself: John Pasquarelli!

John Pasquarelli and Gallery owner, Lynne Wilton

Suzanne Carbone, columnist from The Age and Prodos

It was a delight to finally meet Suzanne Carbone! She’s considered a “leftie” – whatever that means. I suppose she is. Personally, I’ve found her to be highly intelligent and honest and very good fun to talk with.

She exudes a spunky sort of cynicism (not to mention plenty of feminine charm – hence the nickname “Sultry Suzanne”) and you can sense the BS detector always scanning the horizon for hypocricy and an opportunity to expose a farce. You can read some of her highly entertaining articles here.

Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun presents the opening speech

John Pasquarelli and Prodos

Hey! Here’s some cute yankee girl!

So, what about the paintings themselves? Simple, direct, strong. But I’ll say more about them some other time.

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