I have spent the last few days preparing a submission on behalf of local traders to present to the City of Yarra Council in response to its Footpath Trading Policy (draft).

I’ve needed to study a past court case (Disability Access & Information Services v Stonnington Council), the Australian Equal Opportunity Act, The Disability Discrimination Act, and other laws. Also to research some of the concepts used (eg. “urban character”). Also, to analyze and frame questions requesting further clarification of items. Also, to prepare arguments against items which seem arbitrary or authoritarian or outside of Council’s mandate.

[Later note (Wednesday night): I’m still working on the submission to the City of Yarra. I’m due to hand in my submission tomorrow, Thursday.]

[Later note (Saturday morning): The submission has been completed and given to Council. I’ll have it online as soon as I set up the website for the Local Business Roundtable.]

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