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Michael Yon in Baqubah Iraq: The courteous and the furious


Fellow Michael Yon fan, Victor Quinonez, pictured above,
wrote to me saying: “Mike Yon does the best job in telling us about it all, and he takes the best pics.” We’re with you on that one mate!

Michael Yon, embedded (journalist, photograper, blogger) with American troops fighting alongside Iraqitroopsreports on entering and liberatinga villagein Baqubha, previously held byAl Qaeda.

This is a brief report but includesplenty ofgruesome photos of villagers murdered by Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Michael Yon’s reports nearly always include observations about the soldiers and their commanders -their effectiveness on the joband theircharacter. This is often captured by his description ofhow he is treated by the soldiers.

… Although the soldiers usually do not know me, they are courteous and professional, and always watching out for me.

And so it was with LT Baxter, who was commanding the M-1 tank that I’d be riding along in, and who made sure I didn’t break my neck getting into the tank. I nearly pulled him off the tank while climbing aboard.

… LT Baxter, the tank commander, was concerned that the heat was getting to me, and checked my uniform for sweat, asking several times if I was okay. They always watch out for me.

Also, how the American soldiers behave towards captured enemy combatants:

Later in the day, some of the soldiers from the unit I share a tent with, the C-52, told me that one of their Kit Carson scouts (comprised of some of our previous enemies who have turned on al Qaeda) had pointed out an al Qaeda who had cut off the heads of children.

Soldiers from C-52 say that the Kit Carson scout freaked out and tried to hide when he spotted the man he identified as an al Qaeda operative.

Just how (or if) the scout really knew the man had beheaded children was unknown to the soldiers of C-52, but they took the suspected Al Qaeda to the police, who knew the man.

C-52 soldiers told me the Iraqi police were inflamed, and that one policeman in particular was crazed with intent to kill the man who they said had the blood of Iraqi children on his hands.

What’s this guy doing being a cop if he can’t deal with this situation?

According to the story told to me on 30 June, it took almost 45 minutes for the C-52 soldiers to calm down the policeman who had drawn his pistol to execute the al Qaeda man.

Was he sacked from his job? I don’t know. I doubt it.

Anyway, thisis apart of Michael Yon’s report I found most interesting:

That same policeman nearly lost his mind when an American soldier then gave the al Qaeda man a drink of cold water.

I wonder how much this small incident sums up the nature of the problem we have – and may continue to have – in Iraq.

Al Zarqawi, former leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq.
Oink Oink Akbar!

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  1. victor quinonez

    nice blog, i love it when people are interested in whats really going on out there. mike yon does the best job in telling us about it all, and he takes the best pics…….(thats me in the pic,lol)

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    Good morning Victor,

    Thanks for your note.

    – – –
    (thats me in the pic,lol)
    – – –

    Oh darn! Okay, I’ve removed it.

    Explanation to readers: I had posted a photo at the top of this post which I thought was quite a groovy pic of Michael Yon, but it looks like it was too groovy! 😀

    The pic was actually of Victor.

    Stay cool dude.

    And good hunting.

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  3. victor quinonez

    hey i liked the pic on there , put it back. it was cool to see it on there

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    Tough audience!

    Okay, your ugly mug is back online.

    (Well, my wife thinks you’re pretty! Isn’t that enough??) 😀

    Keep up the good work!

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  5. victor quinonez


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  6. KGS

    Hi Prodos,

    Great that you blogged Maichael Yon’s story on the Al-Qaida butchery. Presently I might be the lone voice here in Finland that has picked it up. Please read what one journalist had to say about why the media avoids such stories.


    Cheers! And enjoy your stay in the US, I am a bit envious 🙂

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    Greetins KGS!

    Thanks for that link to your blog article which leads to the Instapundit.com article. Very interesting indeed.

    For the convenience of visitors, here is what Instapundit.com writes – quoting an email they received from an apparently known – but kept anonymous – journalist, explaining why Michael Yon

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