“Man Bear Pig is real!” says Nikki Williams, chief executive of the NSW Minerals Council

Actually, Nikki Williams’ article is titled “We can bury carbon dioxide forever” – but what’s the difference?

Featured on the same page (but not on the “same page”) – of today’s The Australian (Wed April 09 2008) Nikki’s dimwitted Green Dhimmitude provided an amusing contrast to the thoughtful analysis of AGW “agnostic”, academic Don Aitkin.

Both discussed Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

Don Aitkin: “How does a small increase (of CO2) in a very small component have such a large apparent effect? The truth is that no one has yet shown that it does.”

In the Left corner, academic Don Aitkin, challenged AGW orthodoxy. In the Right corner, coal industry representative and grand airhead, Nikki Williams, bowed and scraped to Man Bear Pig.

Nikki Williams:

The Australian coal industry has … accepted the reality of global warming …

Don Aitkin:

The story about anthropogenic global warming (AGW) doesn’t seem to stack up as the best science, despite the supposed consensus about it among “thousands of scientists”.

SouthPark: Al Gore tells us about Man Bear Pig

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