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Official launch of Celebrate Capitalism campaigning

Australia Day – January the 26th – is the official launch date each yearfor the worldwide Celebrate Capitalism campaign.

So, it is with great pleasure that I hereby now launch the worldwide campaigning towards Capitalism Day which this year will by on Sunday June 03 2007 and invite the world to stand up for freedom, creativity, and prosperity.

The main focus of the campaign is to help organise educational and festive events for Capitalism Day.

When the campaign first went international, each participating city had a Chief Coordinator, referred to as a C1.

As the Founder and Global Coordinator of the campaign I worked with each C1 to help organize an effective campaign that kept within the (quite strict) Celebrate Capitalism guidelines.

Anyone wanting to participate in a city’s campaign needed to work under that city’s C1. Each city had a single C1.

Recently, this was changed.

There is now no longer a single Coordinator per city. The Chief Coordinator position no longer exist.

Instead, anyone wanting to organize a festive event in their city can apply to become a Creative Project Leader– aCPL.

There are several reasons behind this change.

One is that I felt it was important to keep the campaign de-centralized in order to reduce the likelihood ofany particular group or ideology fromachieving exclusivity or dominancein any city, or across the campaign in general.I want the campaign to remain grassroots. The reality of organizations and movements is that if they’re not careful they can be hijacked by particular groups or factions. We can see how prevalent this is across the anti-capitalist campaigns of the world. But that’s not so surprising since anti-capitalists tend to be mindless twits.

Another equally important reason is to encourage the widest diversity of types of events, including allowing organizations and clubs to organize Capitalism Day events. The earlier approach explicitly excluded any group from flying its own colors alongside Celebrate Capitalism.

With the new approach, a group is able to run a Capitalism Day event just for its members, if it wants. Of course, the Non-Endorsement Guideline (also known as the one-way street principle) still applies. i.e. Although a group may endorse the Celebrate Capitalism campaign, it needs to make it clear that the campaign does not endorse any group.

With the new approach, a city can have any number of CPL’s and they do NOT have to work together. CPLs can run completely independent events. Of course it’s nice when CPLs can work together at some level, but this is neither required nor particularly encouraged.

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to participate for a few years. Maybe this year I’ll participate again, and take my 4-year-old twins along!

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  2. Greetings Greg!

    Yes! Do join in!

    My wife and I are going to be in the USA on Capitalism Day 2007 – so we’ll organise an event over there. In Cincinnati!

    🙂 🙂

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