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Theory? Practice?

Robert Spencer’s weekly”Blogging the Qu’ran” project at HotAir.com this week examines the brief first chapter of the Qu’ran know as The Fatiha (three English translations here).

Robert Spencer writes:

The final two verses of the Fatiha asks Allah: “Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast favoured; not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.”… The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians.

And he brings up the recent invocation/prayer presented at the Democratic (Party) NationalCommitteWinter meeting by the Shi’ite Imam Husham Al-Hussainy of the Karbalaa Islamic Institute.

This invocation is based on The Fatiha.

Just another “moderate” Muslim preacher: Husham Al-Husainy.

Democrats listening to his prayer, oblivious to its meaning.

But some Dhimmicrats seem to get the submission bit.

HotAir.com has a video online. However, their transcript of the videois not accurate.

Robert Spencer provides an accurate transcript at JihadWatch.org:

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compassionate. We thank you, God, to bless us among your creations. We thank you, God, to make us as a great nation. We thank you God, to send us your messages through our father Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. Through you, God, we unite. So guide us to the right path. The path of the people you bless, not the path of the people you doom. Help us, God, to liberate and fill this earth with justice and peace and love and equality. And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation. Ameen.

And clarifies as follows:

A touching moment of ecumenical generosity and hope for peace? Not quite. In mentioning “Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed,” Al-Husainy no doubt sounded as if he was expansive, broad-minded, and not narrowly sectarian to the assembled Democrats. But in fact, he was almost certainly invoking them in their capacity as Muslim prophets: it is mainstream Islam that all of these were prophets who taught Islam, and that the followers of Moses and Jesus corrupted their teachings to create Judaism and Christianity. The Qur’an says that Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian, but a Muslim (3:67), and depicts Jesus denying his own divinity (5:116) — and this, of course, is the Imam’s frame of reference. So what seems to be a gesture of ecumenical generosity actually amounts to a declaration of religious supremacism and the delegitimization of other religions.

And in a FoxNews interview, Mark Steyn draws the same basic understanding:

COLMES: Well, who’s he talking about? He’s talking about Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Muhammad. Who is he dooming?

STEYN: Yes, and that seems very ecumenical.

COLMES: Doesn’t it?

STEYN: That seems very ecumenical. But he’s talking about them as Muslim prophets. You know, Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet, but they dispute the divinity of Jesus. The same with Moses. They recognize Moses as a Muslim. So he’s not saying Jews, Christians, Muslims, let’s all pray together and that we are the world, we are the children, let’s hold hands and everything’s swell.

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