Perdie Across America

For the enlightenment, advancement, and inspiration of its members


Proudly presents

With the kind permission of filmmaker, Matthew Perdie, the

Australian Premiere

of the first part of his inspiring and delightful documentary series:

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Part One

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Perdie Across America

Date: Monday July 02 2012

Venue: Home of Prodos & Barboo, 153 Lennox Street, Richmond. Phone: 9428 1234.

6.30 PM: Doors Open.

Meals (all at cost price) served between 6.30 PM and 7.15 PM

  • Lemon Pepper Atlantic Salmon: $12
  • Crumbed Lamb Cutlets: $12

7.30 PM (sharp): Commencement of Film + Chaired discussion.

Who: Only registered PRODOS Film Study Group members and guests of members allowed. You can apply to join on the night. To join you need to agree with our purpose and pay the $2 annual fee.

Policy: Leaving straight after a film and therefore skipping the discussion goes against one of the conditions upon which our permission to screen these films is based.

9.45 PM: End of meeting.

Cost: No charge. But if you’d like to make a personal donation to Prodos that’s greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Matthew Perdie

Excerpt from documentary’s blurb:

Perdie Across America is a live-action documentary series about one man’s walk across the United States of America to bring awareness to the dangers of massive government growth and spending, by both the previous and current administrations. He walks from coast to coast, hoping to inspire people to pay closer attention to the tyrannical and oppressive acts committed by the US Government. His hope is that awareness to these issues will result in a reversal of the unconstitutional crimes committed against the American people.”

On June 22nd 2009, Matthew Perdie (23 years of age at the time) began his walk from the coast of Long Island, New York, to the coast of Santa Monica, CA. Along the way he filmed his experiences in an effort to show people the things that inspired him to fight harder for his cause.

The purpose of this series is to “provoke questioning of the dangers of massive government expansion, while acknowledging the principles and virtuous behavior that are necessary for the survival of a free Constitutional Republic.”

Perdie believes that for as long as the American people apathetically accept tyranny, things such as poverty, oppression, and the compression of individual will shall always be a reality in the United States.

By sharing his experiences, and relating them to the principles that he holds dear, Perdie hopes to show people the principles that are necessary to restore the free market system, and a country free from oppression and tyranny.

perdie across america

Matthew Perdie: "I need to see this through"

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