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Prodos: The Liberal Party and Australia

PRODOS on the Liberal Party and Australia

This morning, published an article by me called “Prodos: The Liberal Party and Australia”.

Read it HERE

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  1. Prodos, I was looking for something else and I came upon the Prodos: The Liberal Party and Australia

    I enjoyed it and for the reason it cracked through key points and it was fun at the same time.

    Oh, I’ll say this, that speech you delivered before the Liberal Party star chamber, published on Brookesnews, I’ll repeat my remarks when I wrote on it, it is was stirring. Best speech no MP currently can give. It is the type of speech only to be heard in America by those whose patriotism and honour and principles shines through.

    I recall a watching a speech by a former veteran who was in the Bush administration, George Bush the Younger. He addressed the new West Point graduating class. He was no nonsense, pulled no punches. As a man who served in war as a commander, he told them to face their duty or not present themselves for commissioning:

    “West Point Cadets take two oaths. They swear the oath when they are entered into West Point. They swear it again on graduation. Let no man swear that oath today who cannot honourably discharge that today and henceforth. There is no shame upon any who cannot. Shame befalls those who newly commissioned but know in their hearts they cannot fulfill the oath they will swear this day. There is no place in this army for the hesitant. We have a man’s work to do and it is to serve your country in war.”

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