When all domains and web systems were recently moved to the new server (actually, it’s two servers)themailing lists located at prodoscope.com were not included.

The reasonfor the delay wasthat I needed to firstobtain permission from the hosting company to send out the quantity of emails (bulletins, notifications, discussion lists, etc.) necessary.

The hosting company has very strict anti-spam guidelines and requires samples of typical emails, proof of opt-out links on all mass mailouts, etc. before it grants permission for its servers to be used. In other words, it needs to establish that the client is not going to use its servers for anything resembling spam.

My good friend and colleague in Italy, Davide, temporarily parked the site and all the lists on his server.

Now that mailout permission has been granted, prodoscope.com and all themailing lists havenow been migrated to the new server.

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