I have spent several days comparing commercial and open source message board scripts to be used for several PRODOS forums.

Test sites were created to try out phpBB and FUDforum

I worked with 3 different coders to install these scripts and try out a variety of modifications. The two most important features I need are: Moderation Queue and Email notification of new messages delivered in an attractive manner.

There are other features which are important, but these two were MOST important.

phpBB is by far the leader in terms of number of users and installable modifications. However, I decided to go with the much plainer presentation.

The reason is that the functions that are most important to me are standard features in FUDForum, but they are Beta status add-ons with phpBB that still need further development.

I’ve also been comparing two commercial message board scripts: Invision Power Board and vBulletin. The providers run fully functional onine demos.

Both are outstanding scripts and both do everything I need.

I tested them out, read many articles and forum discussions about both.

I’ve decided to set up “The 1776” using Invision. But I would have been equally happy to have gone with vBulletin.

I’ll be moving a whole bunch of forums that are currently using Mailman email lists (run via prodoscope.com) to message board format.

The big forums will be powered by Invision Power Board. The smaller ones by FUDForum.

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