Todd and Sarah Palin

CLICK HERE to listen to Rush Limbaugh explain on Fox News how Sara Palin is a “breath of fresh air.”

Rush Limbaugh:

Have you ever asked … your average run-of-the-mill politician, “Why do you want to be President … Why do you want to be a member of Congress?”

He proceeds to caricature the usual pseudo high and mighty answer given by the usual politician. Then he recalls the answer Governor Palin gave:

Characterizing Sara Palin’s response:

“Because my school was screwed up and I needed to get to the PTA to help my kids”

Rush observes:

She takes the complex [and] she makes it understandable …

About politicians:

… she threatens Washington because those people [politicians] like for us to think their jobs are very complicated, very complex. And we ask them questions about how they do what they do and they come back with answers that are hard to decipher.

But with Palin:

… she – flat out – can tell people why she’s doing what she’s doing, why she wants to do what she wants to do, why she’s done what she did.

Sarah Palin and John McCain

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