“The people of Georgia have cast their lot with the Free World. And we will not cast them aside.”

In clear and uncompromising terms, President George W Bushexplains why the United States of America supports Georgia, criticizing Russia’s incursionand insisting South Ossetia will remain with Georgia.

Some brief excerpts transcribed from the video …

… Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected. Moscow must honor its commitment to withdraw its invading forces from all Georgian territory.

… Georgia has become a courageous democracy.

… Since the Rose Revolution in 2003 the Georgian people have held free elections, opened up their economy, and built the foundations of a successful democracy.

…. Georgia has sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to help others achieve the liberty that they struggled so hard to attain. To further strengthen their democracy, Georgia has sought to join the free institutions of the West.

… Unfortunately, Russia has tended to view the expansion of freedom and democracy as a threat to its interests.

…a contentious relationship with America is not in Russia’s interests

… Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st Century

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