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SOLID VOX interview: Viv Forbes, Global Warming Skeptic

My interview with Australian Global Warming skeptic, Viv Forbes, is now available HERE

Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition, Australia: Global Warming Skeptic
Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition (Queensland, Australia)

  • Carbon Dioxide does not drive warming.
    Warming drives Carbon Dioxide. CO2 is released and absorbed by the oceans – the lungs of the earth.
  • Global warming and cooling seems to be greatly influenced by solar and cosmic ray activity – the effect these have on cloud formation. And not by CO2.

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  1. Darren

    I finally caught this interview today, and I really enjoyed it. Good job Prodos, and keep it up Viv!

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    Thanks Darren.

    Viv Forbes is doing great work, presenting the facts and arguments, and communicating them clearly.

    I’m hoping to also catch up with some of the other participants from the Heartland Institute’s New York Climate Change Conference.

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