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Tonight in Melbourne, for our weekly Monday night DISCOVER CAPITALISMâ„¢ meeting, we study what has been coming out of the Australia 2020 Summit.

Cate Blanchett goes to the top of my list of Fashionable Fascists for the Future:

The opportunity this weekend represents is great because it’s the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship between artist and the government as a fundamental aspect of society.

She also gets the Dingbat of the Day award:

[Cate Blanchett] … told the 100 creative-arts participants about meeting former US president Bill Clinton in a hotel room in London a few years ago.

“He liked talking to blonde artists, he said, because they existed just a fraction ahead of culture,” Blanchett said.

“He said he always read the latest airport novels, spy thrillers, unpublished manuscripts and screenplays because writers were often right on the money where thetechnology and ideology were heading.”

Mr Clinton’s remark showed he appreciated that artists had an ability to understand and interpret world events, she said.

“The arts binds communities, it liberates demons, it challenges authorities, warms our hearts and cools our tempers.”

How about this one:

Science and art are different outcomes of the same primal urge in us all to engage with, to detail, and to affect narratives and patterns

Ah! Of course!


For the best round-up, exposing this fascistic farce I recommend Andrew Bolt’s blog.

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