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Take the Global Warming Test

Here’s an entertaining and informative quizz I just came across:

The Global Warming Test

Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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  1. Strider

    Thanks Prodos.

    This is an excellent link! I quite enjoyed taking the test, and it really does point out what a load of myths we are being sold on global warming.

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  2. Beach Girl

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  3. Iain Hall

    I like d the test enough to link to it fromm my blog thanks for finding it 🙂

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  4. CaptainGenius

    This is hilarious! This link is supposed to convince people that the global warming is still an open debate?

    Lets take a look. On one question, it claims that there is no consensus on global warming. Proof? Three quotes and one attempted piece of evidence. The first quote due to Richard Lindzen — okay, we all know his opinion, he is one of the few remaining credible skeptics. But it links to a 1992 article fighting the claimed consensus. Yes, there was a lot more of a debate in 1992 than there is today, I dont disagree, but come on, can you at least give some up to date evidence to support your claim? The second quote actually says nothing about global warming, but links to a 1997 article from CATO institute. As if we should believe anything from CATO is unbiased (i.e. look at their mission statement). The third quote doesnt even list the author, and gives no evidence refuting the global warming consensus claim. If you want to doubt it, fine, but for the rest of us who use facts and logic, we would like EVIDENCE. Okay, moving away from the quotes, they do attempt to give one piece of evidence — something refuting a letter signed by 2600 scientists. We dont really get a lot of details about that letter, but there is a link to a TownHall (conservative group) article that somehow is no longer there — it is a dead link.

    For one moment, lets try to use our brains. Lets look at the facts. Lets get a long list of major public opinions on global warming from scientific sources and compare them, rather than just linking to some conservative pro-pollution website. In fact there is such a list on Wikipedia, and any of your conservative idiots are free to add more to the list if you think it is incomplete. Here is the link:


    There are 15 major climate organizations that outright agree with the consensus (1.1 – 1.15). There are 2 that do not outright agree with all global warming aspects (2.1 – 2.2). In fact 2.1 does acknowledge humans are having an impact on climate change, but does not commit to greenhouse gases being the major factor (though it does not rule it out either). And if you read 2.2, you see that its changing opinion is moving closer to the consensus. There are no dissenting views. NONE AT ALL. All of these opinions are in the last 5 years, not 10 or 15 years ago like the links from the biased website.

    You can look at the surveys too. The only recent one doubting the scientific consensus is by Bray and von Starch 2003, but it was rejected from scientific publication due to problems with they way the research was carried out. Yet, just like all other claimed arguments against the consensus, they get their publicity through right-wing media which will pass on to the world anything that agrees with their view without considering the accuracy of it. Thats right, they just cant get it published in scientific journals (because they are not doing research properly), so they go the other route — right wing media lies.

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