The Teddy Bobo Film Club (“Adventures in Thinking!”) will hold its first series of astounding experiments this Friday evening in Richmond (Melbourne, Australia).


A number of very short films, videos, and film excerpts from across many genres will be presented.

After each film a brief, well-focused thinking exercise, led by Coach Prodos, and using the formal lateral thinking and constructive thinking methods developed by Edward de Bono will be conducted!

Chairman & Co-Founder: David “The Lion” DeLeon has flown in to Melbourne from Adelaide itself (!) to be your exclusive host for this inaugural meeting.

Venue: Home of Prodos & Barboo, 153 Lennox Street, Richmond.


Please arrive well before formal commencement time, which will be at exactly 7.30 PM. (Punctuality is appreciated!)

The meeting will end at exactly 9.30 PM.

Cost: Nil.

Bring: A “plate” of snacks or something with food value that can be shared with others through the evening – would be appreciated. (Sweets, not so much). Non-alcoholic beverages also welcomed. Thanks.

Members only: To attend and participate you need to be a registered member of the Film Club or the guest of a registered member. Please email “The Lion” for more details: or phone: 9428 1234 (Melbourne, Australia)

Sneak Preview

Below, are two of the many short films from which we will leap!

Exercise: Using Po (random input) invent a new kind of room for homes.

Exercise: Using OPV, consider the size of a coffee cup and how much coffee it holds. Identify at least 12 different people/parties involved in determining this size.

Come along!

Join the Teddy Bobo Film Club! Expand your  experience and appreciation of film art, whilst simultaneously improving your thinking skills!

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