The Teddy Bobo Film Club will hold its seventh series of short films + constructive thinking skills, this Friday evening in Richmond (Melbourne, Australia).

The Format

  1. Entertainment: A number of very short (under 3 minutes) films, videos, and film excerpts from vastly different genres are presented.
  2. Film appreciation: After each film is screened, there is a brief period of study and discussion of the film – its background, the purpose it is meant to serve, what makes it distinctive, its production values, any curious observations, appreciation of its art and technology, etc. We call this segment “think inside the screen”.
  3. Thinking skill: Then, bouncing off some aspect of the film, a tightly-focused thinking exercise, led by Coach Prodos, and using the formal lateral thinking and constructive thinking methods developed by Edward de Bono is conducted! This is the think outside the screen™ segment. These exercises are not puzzles. They are not IQ games. They are not “positive thinking”. They’re simple tried and true methods which, as you practice, will improve your constructive & creative thinking skills.

The Edward de Bono method we’ll be focusing on at this session is “Po: Random Input”

… In thinking about a problem one often finds oneself going over the same ground again and again. Indeed the harder one tries to concentrate the more one finds oneself stuck with the same ideas.

What seems to be necessary is some outside stimulus that will get the mind working along a new line.

Clearly it is not much use making an effort to choose an outside influence because that influence would only be chosen to fit the existing ideas.

To be of any use the outside influence must be unexpected, unconnected or random.

The random input technique involves the deliberate introduction of something that is UNCONNECTED with the situation.

Using “po”, the random input is held in the same context as the problem to see what new ideas are triggered …

Chairman & Co-Founder: David DeLeon will be your host.


Venue: Home of Prodos & Barboo, 153 Lennox Street, Richmond.


Meals: Doors open @ 6.30 PM. Simple, healthy, wholesome meals served until 7.15 PM. Only $12 each.

Start: Formal screen & study session begins at 7.30 PM sharp. Please make sure you arrive well before 7.30.

Finish: The meeting ends at 9.45 PM sharp.

Cost: Nil. But a donation to Coach Prodos is appreciated.

Members only: To attend and participate you need to be a registered member of the Teddy Bobo Film Club or the guest of a registered member. If you agree with our goals and play the annual $2 joining fee, you can join on the night.

Sneak Preview

Below, are two of the many short films which we will use to …


Exercise: Using po (random input) … develop new ideas for accommodation for soldiers serving in places like Iraq.

Exercise: Using po (random input) … generate at least 8 new ideas for frisbees



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