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Thinker TO Thinker weekly blog contests #1 (with measly cash prize)


Launched new weekly contest with a small cash prize for TTT bloggers …

Here’s what you need to do for this week’s contest.

Over the next week write 3 posts on your TTT blog – each of which includes at least one quote from any of these “Big Seven” Thinkers:

* Aristotle
* John Locke
* Adam Smith
* Thomas Jefferson
* Frederic Bastiat
* Ludwig von Mises
* Ayn Rand

Q: Can all 3 quotes come from the same Thinker?
A: Yes. You can write 3 posts and, for instance, have a quote from Thomas Jefferson in each post. Of course, you can’t use the very same quote three times. Well, you can but it’s only counted once.

Q: Can I have one quote from this Thinker and two quotes from that Thinker?
A: Yes. Any combination – across 3 posts – is fine.

Q: Where do I get the quotes I’m to use?
A: You have to find them yourself.
AND … you have to provide the original source of the quote.
For instance, if you quote from Aristotle, you need to specify which of Aristotle’s works that quote came from. If you use a quote from Bastiat, you have to specify which essay or book of Bastiat’s it comes from. The attribution cannot be a website. The attribution has to identify the original source of the quote.

Q: In what way must I utilize this quote?
A: It’s up to you.
For instance, you can include it as part of another article. You can do a post that’s specifically about the quote itself – for instance, explaining why you find this quote valuable. You can pick a quote and elaborate further on it just as a thinking exercise. It’s up to you.

Q: Can I criticize the quote?
A: A quote that’s used in order to criticize the quote is not counted within the three quotes required for this competition.

Q: How do I win the five big smackeroos?
A: It will be difficult. Very difficult. Fortunately you are not put off by such considerations. You embrace the challenge. You look forward. You are driven by your vision of a better world.

Q: I plan to win. How will you send me my hard earned cash?
A: PayPal

Q: What can I buy with five dollars?
A: Glory

Q: Why are you doing this? Are you insane?
A: I feel fine. Thanks for asking. Good luck.

Q: I don’t need luck. I’ve got a TTT blog.
A: That’s not a question. But I get it and I’m glad.

Happy blogging!

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  1. Steven Shaw

    Hi Prodos! When does the competition end?

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    Good evening Steven,

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

    This competition finishes on Saturday, Melbourne time.

    I’ll then announce another one.

    Best Wishes. 🙂

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  3. Steven Shaw

    Hmmm, I’d have to sign up for TTT and write 3 blog posts Friday and Saturday… What time do I have ’til on Sat? 😉

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    • PRODOS

      Hey! It’s a cinch, mate! 🙂

      If you send through your TTT blog application before PRODOS beddy-byes time tonight you’ll be set up and ready to roll within the hour!


      Hell, it’s like money in the bank!

      Just think … five American bucks … It makes my head spin.

      But seriously, it would be a pleasure to have you join the TTT network. 🙂

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