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Two Celebrate Capitalism ™ project leaders quit

I recently received an email from 2 long-time Australian supporters of the Celebrate Capitalism campaign informing me that they are quitting because the Melbourne Capitalism Award ™ 2006 was given to an “anti-capitalist”.

They were referring to Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch The Fire Christian Ministry.

I’ve written twice to the former project leaders to provide evidence that proves that Daniel Nalliah is an “anti-capitalist” but have not yet received any response.

To listen to my SOLID VOX interview with Daniel Nalliah and find some helpful links: click here

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  1. Robert Coats - Georg Lazukic

    January 28, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    Why we think that Daniel Nalliah is an anti-capitalist:

    The 5 most important branches of Philosophy are:

    Metaphysics – the study of the nature of existence.
    Epistemology – the study of the means of knowledge.
    Ethics – the study of proper human action.
    Politics – the study of the implementation of ethics into government.
    Aesthetics – the study of the nature of art.

    Capitalism is based on the following philosophy:

    Metaphysics – Objective Reality
    Epistemology – Reason
    Ethics – Individual Rights

    Christianity is based on the following philosophy:

    Metaphysics – Subjective Reality
    Epistemology – Faith
    Ethics – Self-Sacrifice

    As stated on the Celebrate Capitalism

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