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USA here I come!

On Tuesday, my wife and I are heading off to the United Statesfor 6 weeks.

In Melbourne, registered CPL (Creative Project Leader) MP, will be running our International Capitalism Day event @ Laikon Restaurant(Sunday June 03).

I’ll be conducting a Capitalism Day event in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Update: Sydney Kendall will be the CPL for Cincinnati.

On our way back to Australia we’ll be stopping for a day or two in California – around July 08.

Love America! Love Americans! 🙂 All the Way with the USA!

Update: I’ll be without internet connection for a couple of days, while we’re in flight.

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  1. pommygranate

    hey Prodos

    Any coincidence that Capitalism Day is being held on Tax Freedom Day in the UK?


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    No, it’s pure coincedence.

    Capitalism Day is the first Sunday of June each year.

    Just checked out your blog. Enjoyed it greatly! Well reasoned and well written material.


    Best Wishes.

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