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Winston Churchill: For Free Trade (1906)

At tonight’s Discover Capitalismâ„¢ meeting we’ll be studying Sir Winston Churchill’s second most rare book: A collection of his speeches called “For Free Trade.”

This was first published in 1906. Only 500 copies were printed at the time.

I’ve obtained a reproduction of the book.

Sydney and I are also, currently in the middle of creating an etext of Sir George Houstoun Reid’s FIVE FREE TRADE ESSAYS (1875)

Interesting: Australian Prime Minister, John Howard’s middle name is “Winston”.

Discover Capitalismâ„¢ meets most Tuesday nights in Melbourne.

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  1. We studied Churchill’s speech of 1903: “Repeal of the Corn Laws.”

    Tim Warner, who attended, was able to shed light on much of the background historical information needed to understand many of Churchill’s points.

    Churchill showed a thorough and deep understanding of the problems that follow from imposing a tax on imported corn – especially the harmful effects on the poorest classes.

    This speech was delivered a year after the end of the Boer War. The Corn Tax was originally brought in to raise revenue to pay for the costs of that War.

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